No sexist toys

It is known to all that game is one of the most important elements in the development of children. Everyone playing children learns, develops their abilities, improves their motor skills, spatial ability, develops imagination and creativity, stimulates and aggravates the senses, etc. But through the game, children also also form and acquire the values ​​and social and cultural behaviors of the community in which they live. This is an element of the game that we can not forget.

Unfortunately, today many of the toys that we have in the market today, continue to focus on marking the gender difference, allowing and perpetuating stereotypes about the roles of the sexes. From Nan Casteller we think that we should not condition children to play certain games due to the fact that they were born as a child.

That is why our toys and all the communication, promotions and campaigns that we create around them are designed with great regard to gender equality and non-discrimination. Our toys are not sexist and they promote respect for differences but from equality.

As expressed by the Catalan Institute of women in its latest awareness campaign to break stereotypes in games and toys #trenquemestereotips:

“Playing, we all have to be able to develop tenderness, courage, sensitivity, initiative or strength.”

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