We talk about consumption and sustainability. From consumerism, that system of irresponsible and unrealized consumption, the enemy of sustainability. And to say that one of the best things we can do to move towards a more sustainable consumption model is to bet on responsible and very conscious consumption.

But Christmas comes and we have little ones at home and we want the Kings to bring toys and gifts and the Tió and the Kings from home to the grandparents and the kids and … In this case, the best we can do is make sense And weigh in the economy, in our pocket.

Hopefully, when we buy a toy, we make it so that it is used for a long time. But often, the expectations are truncated by the little interest that arouses, due to the change in the child’s tastes, or simply because it breaks down after four days.

So what do we do? Buy again another game that will last very little. And so, friends, it’s like the houses fill with stuff that make us waste space and money.

durable toys

At this point, it is when we have to reflect and think about what features we could look for in a toy so that it has a longer life and can save us both money and space. We propose 4 features that will help you find “long-lasting” toys:

  • Intergenerational Toys: These are toys in which children of different ages can share games every day, regardless of the different types of games they may have.
  • Evolutionary Toys: As they grow older, children acquire new skills and improve skills, this means that they want to put them into practice in the game. Evolutionary toys are those capable of responding to these stage changes, allowing children to adapt to their interests and needs. They are usually less interactive but more participatory toys.
  • Versatility: children, by nature, need changes and innovations that allow them to find new incentives to continue discovering and learning. A versatile toy gives infinite possibilities of gaming possibilities, which otherwise would have to satisfy with infinite different toys.
  • Durability: the fact that a toy has a useful life also depends on the quality. In this sense, it is necessary to remember the phrase: “Buy cheap because I am poor”: that is, if we invest in quality toys, they will accompany us for a long time.

So, remember, before leaving to fill out bags and empty cards, think that sustainability is also to put wisdom, conscience and responsibility in any act of consumption.

Healthy children in a healthy world

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Marta Sas.  Environmental Sciencies Ld., I’ve always liked communication, spaghetti and walking barefoot.

After specializing in sustainability and circular economics, in 2017 I founded sAlix. Accompany local entities, entities and people on the path towards a more sustainable lifestyle and consumption model and environmentize events.

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