El Nan FCBarcelona

El Nan dresses in the colors Azul y Grana

Barça is more than just a club, and he did not want to lose his own castellers. El Nan FCBarcelona is an OFFICIAL PRODUCT FC BARCELONA. With spectacular packaging at the level of the Club it represents.

The Nans with the Barça shirt can make castles, of course, but they are a team, and you do not have to be James Bond to imagine this group of Nans playing your favorite sport with your favorite colors!













El Nan print the colors of the FC Barcelona in each piece. Like El Nan , they are produced entirely in the Ilersis Foundation, in Lleida, a special center for the work of people with mental disabilities, they are made of sustainable beech wood and with eco-based water paint.

I want Els Nan FCBarcelona for Christmas!

We want you to have Barça Nan at home for these parties. Since these parties have done LIMITED UNITS and so you do not stay without them, we have created a PRE-SALE, this means that since now, you can make your reservation at our online store, click HERE

How it works:

  1. Order the Castellers del Barça model that you like the most
  2. You will receive an email with your reservation
  3. If you bought during Black Friday, you participate in a draw of two tickets to see a Barça match
  4. When we have it, we will send it to you at home
  5. To enjoy!

Models you can choose:

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