Compeixalaigua, passionate about the products that the user estimates

La Ruth and Àlex are the designers of COMPEIXALAIGUA, an industrial design studio located in the district of Gràcia de Barcelona, ​​responsible for the design of the pieces of the Nan Casteller and his box. Winners of different prizes, are defined as passionate about those products that the user estimates. In addition, fans of food design and good food are declared. 😉

The key is in the piece

The Nan is a unique piece, made of a single wooden beech block, with a geometric shape but of a person, fits in such a way that it allows to recreate the real models of castles that make the square. In addition, it is a game of construction, lace and balance, but also a symbolic game, which makes it unique in its kind.

Compeixalaigua finished giving shape to the Nan in itself, in the elevator and in the enchaneta. In order to design a unique piece, they abstracted any influence, and they claim that the funniest moment of the creative process was to put in positions and positions while designing the figure of the elevator. If you can imagine the two of you doing the positions, you will understand that both can be included in ‘fun’ as in ‘sneaky’.

Those who are most proud of the result are the balance of the final piece, abstract but recognizable, geometric but friendly and that it likes children as it fits perfectly in an adult space. Final result, the scorer, the glitter and the Nan Casteller with its basic elements: white trousers and black band.

The essence of the first designs continues in all the products of the Nan Casteller. Thanks for accompanying us!

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