Day of People with disability

December 3 is the Day of people with disabilities. And before the end of the day, we did not want to pass the opportunity to write a post on our blog about this event.

And as you know, from the Nan Casteller (as we explained more extensively in this post a few days ago) we have a clear social vocation and we manufacture our products in special work centers. In this regard, we work every day to achieve greater equality of opportunities for all people in our society.

But not only this, according to the report prepared by the San Juan de Dios Hospital, our games offer multiple pedagogical and therapeutic properties in children, but also for adults with special needs because:

They foster imagination and creativity
They help coordination and motor precision
They allow you to develop the ability to observe, plan and reason
They facilitate spatial structuring and orientation.
From Nan Casteller we will continue to work resolutely to improve the quality of life of people with disabilities either by contributing to creating new opportunities in the workplace, as well as through the use of our games for therapeutic and pedagogical purposes.

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