Construction games

As you probably already know, almost all the games of El Nan are construction games.

Our games are made with solid quality wood and have been recommended by the San Juan de Dios Pediatric Hospital for their pedagogical and therapeutic properties. To us, it goes without saying, we love construction games for the multiple benefits they bring to children. Do you want to know some? Well today we’re making five cents in this post.

The builders are probably one of the games that most benefits contributes to the integral development of the child. In the different evolutionary stages, it can help develop different motor, cognitive, intellectual and even emotional aspects.

The construction games are the ones that most like children and those that accompany them in their moments of play for more time. At the beginning when they are smaller, (around 12 months and up to 24 approximately) they enjoy observing the pieces, their characteristics, shapes, colors. They learn to fit, stack and, above all, to make the buildings fall.

As they grow, they are putting more and more fine motility with increasingly elaborate constructions, also giving way to the symbolic game through the interpretation and recreation of real life objects and scenarios.

On the other hand, through construction games, children acquire concepts that help them to better understand the world around them: spatial aspects such as volume, size, balance, geometrical or more complex forms such as symmetry , balance and resistance.

Another aspect that the construction games provide is the development of different cognitive aspects such as the ability to observe, plan and reason.

And although it does not seem like, construction games also help to work emotional aspects of the child: the emotion for the discovery of gravity, the joy of successfully finishing an imagined construction or learning to tolerate the frustration produced when constructions They do not work and fall or not stand right.

We have seen that the construction games are very complete and beneficial for the integral development of the child. In addition to being designed and produced with top quality materials, ours are inspired by cultural traditions. But from that, we’ll talk about it another day!

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