In recent times, sustainability is becoming fashionable.

There are already many people who, by conviction or aesthetics, carry a reusable water bottle with monstrous prints up and down.

But sustainability goes far beyond generating waste, sustainability goes from principles, lifestyle, but above all, values.

Values ​​in toys

The values ​​are acquired throughout the life and the experiences lived but, those that most integrated we have, are those that we learn when we are small.

For children, the whole world is learning and, in this process, the family, school and the “tribe” play a key role.

This environment is responsible for transmitting values ​​to the adults of the future and one of the best tools we have to do is the game. According to these premises, we could say that a toy should be:

  • Cooperative: in order to avoid competition and promote collaboration to achieve the same objective. These are games that prepare children for teamwork, to share objective spaces and also discrepancies with classmates. Cooperative toys promote respect, a very important value both towards the environment, the others and ourselves.
  • Inclusive: it allows the play of all children regardless of skin color, social origin or physical and intellectual abilities. In life there are not two equal people and children naturally accept any difference, so that, favoring this innate inclusiveness of children, we will lay the foundations of a fair and unprejudiced society.
  • No gender: any toy should be able to be used by children regardless of their sex. Remember that both boys and girls have hands, feet, imagination and curiosity. We must strive to avoid adults being the ones who favor differences between boys and girls by prioritizing the interests and taste of each creature, instead of their sex, when choosing a toy.
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We talk about consumption and sustainability. From consumerism, that system of irresponsible and unrealized consumption, the enemy of sustainability. And to say that one of the best things we can do to move towards a more sustainable consumption model is to bet on responsible and very conscious consumption.

But Christmas comes and we have little ones at home and we want the Kings to bring toys and gifts and the Tió and the Kings from home to the grandparents and the kids and … In this case, the best we can do is make sense And weigh in the economy, in our pocket.

Hopefully, when we buy a toy, we make it so that it is used for a long time. But often, the expectations are truncated by the little interest that arouses, due to the change in the child’s tastes, or simply because it breaks down after four days.

So what do we do? Buy again another game that will last very little. And so, friends, it’s like the houses fill with stuff that make us waste space and money.

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El Nan FCBarcelona

El Nan dresses in the colors Azul y Grana

Barça is more than just a club, and he did not want to lose his own castellers. El Nan FCBarcelona is an OFFICIAL PRODUCT FC BARCELONA. With spectacular packaging at the level of the Club it represents.

The Nans with the Barça shirt can make castles, of course, but they are a team, and you do not have to be James Bond to imagine this group of Nans playing your favorite sport with your favorite colors!













El Nan print the colors of the FC Barcelona in each piece. Like El Nan , they are produced entirely in the Ilersis Foundation, in Lleida, a special center for the work of people with mental disabilities, they are made of sustainable beech wood and with eco-based water paint.

I want Els Nan FCBarcelona for Christmas!

We want you to have Barça Nan at home for these parties. Since these parties have done LIMITED UNITS and so you do not stay without them, we have created a PRE-SALE, this means that since now, you can make your reservation at our online store, click HERE

How it works:

  1. Order the Castellers del Barça model that you like the most
  2. You will receive an email with your reservation
  3. If you bought during Black Friday, you participate in a draw of two tickets to see a Barça match
  4. When we have it, we will send it to you at home
  5. To enjoy!

Models you can choose:

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El Nan, an accomplished but recognizable piece

Compeixalaigua, passionate about the products that the user estimates

La Ruth and Àlex are the designers of COMPEIXALAIGUA, an industrial design studio located in the district of Gràcia de Barcelona, ​​responsible for the design of the pieces of the Nan Casteller and his box. Winners of different prizes, are defined as passionate about those products that the user estimates. In addition, fans of food design and good food are declared. 😉

The key is in the piece

The Nan is a unique piece, made of a single wooden beech block, with a geometric shape but of a person, fits in such a way that it allows to recreate the real models of castles that make the square. In addition, it is a game of construction, lace and balance, but also a symbolic game, which makes it unique in its kind.

Compeixalaigua finished giving shape to the Nan in itself, in the elevator and in the enchaneta. In order to design a unique piece, they abstracted any influence, and they claim that the funniest moment of the creative process was to put in positions and positions while designing the figure of the elevator. If you can imagine the two of you doing the positions, you will understand that both can be included in ‘fun’ as in ‘sneaky’.

Those who are most proud of the result are the balance of the final piece, abstract but recognizable, geometric but friendly and that it likes children as it fits perfectly in an adult space. Final result, the scorer, the glitter and the Nan Casteller with its basic elements: white trousers and black band.

The essence of the first designs continues in all the products of the Nan Casteller. Thanks for accompanying us!

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Nan People

The Nan People are real heroes. More together, stronger, higher! A small hug can be really powerful.

Nan People is a new game of solid wood construction to explore the psychomotor’s balance, lace and empathy. Only building game where people embrace!

The Nan People is the perfect complement to El Nan Casteller. Expand the number of pieces with different people!

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